The Pindaroi Farrier's Shop

This station farrier’s shop was bought from "Pindaroi Station" Nullamanna and re-erected on this site by the Inverell Apex Club.

"Pindaroi Station" was originally gazetted in 1846 as part of George Polhill’s holding which comprised of "Wellingrove" 50,000 acres and "Pindaroi" 40,000 acres. George Polhill used "Pindaroi" as a cattle station and the cattle brand GP is still used by the station. "Pindaroi" was acquired later by James Campbell, a son of Alexander Campbell of Inverell Station. The building was donated by Mr Barry Admans.

The shop is equipped with bellows and forge, anvil and tools. The bellows are well over 100 years old and were donated to the Village by Mr J Gray of Elsmore. While the horse reigned supreme as a means of transport the blacksmith performed invaluable services in shoeing.