The Gournama Homestead - The Historical Society's Museum

This early pit sawn plank homestead from Warialda was built c.1880. In earlier times it was the home of the Capel family and was in use at Gournama until donated to the village by Mr Dugald Livingstone in 1974 and transported to Inverell by Mr Bruce Lee Chue at nominal cost to the village.

Features of the museum are:

A barrel organ c.1850.

A re-construction of consulting rooms of Dr H.G.D Cookson of Inverell at year 1927.

Items from Chinese Joss House at Tingha c.1890.

Boot maker’s shop and equipment.

An outstanding collection of homemade lace by Caroline Maude Jenkin from early years of this century, c.1900.

Collection of fashions of years gone by.